new music composer and performer
contact: belfiore.raphael@gmail.com
(b. 11.10.1995, Geneva)

I am a Swiss composer currently based in Basel. My artistic practice lies between music, art and theory. Recent projects of mine have been presented in several European countries and include composed and improvised performances, ensemble pieces, video works, concert interventions a multi-media installation and recently also a book of text scores.
In my recent work I have tried to not only think about the notion and history of music but also to think with and through it in order to make works that function as models of different realities while being "about" or "from" reflections on musical phenomena.
I believe that beauty can be found in the rigorous cohesion between thought and action and I aim to apply this to my musical practice as much as possible. This hopefully results in works in which theory and practice are in deep interaction and cannot be dissociated.

academic background

2022 – 2024 : Certificate in Art and Curatorial Practice at The New Centre for Research & Practice

2022 – 2024 : B.A. in Music Performance (Voice) with Marcel Boone at the Hochschule für Musik Basel

2019 – 2022 : M.A. in Music Composition with Isabel Mundry at the Zürcher Hochschule de Künste; Minor subject: Composition with Johannes Kreidler at the Hochschule für Musik Basel.

2015 – 2019: B.A. in humanities (musicology, philosophy and art history), Geneva University.

2016 – 2019: auditor at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève (harmony, counterpoint, analysis, orchestration and ear-training).

2016 – 2019: student at the CPMDT Geneva in composition, electronic music, piano, voice and improvisation.

selections, scholarships and grants

2022: Phoenix Satellite 2022/2023, Ensemble Phoenix Basel

2022: Partial Scolarship for a Certificate in Art and Curatorial Practice at The New Centre for Research and Practice

2022: Grants from the Memento foundation and the Graf-Fonds for the printing of the text-score book Contents

2022 23: Protonwerk N°12: true participation, Ensemble Proton, Bern

2021 – 22: Scholarship Fondation Nicati-De Luze

2021: International Young Composers Academy: Full Scholarship

2020: IGNM Zürich’s "Fast Forward" call for projects

lectures and writings

Interview of Hannes Seidl on his and Daniel Kötter’s radio play STADT [LAND FLUSS] for recordedness.org.

Program notes for Ensemble Contrechamps' concert "Infrarouge", February 2020

Redaction of labels for the exhibition "Video Archivia" in Geneva during the Biennale de l'Image en Mouvement 2018.

Lecture "4'33'' de John Cage, une musique au-delà du son ?" at the Lausanne University, May 2018

Program notes for Ensemble Contrechamps' concert "Gelidi Mostri", December 2017

Review for Ensemble Contrechamps' concert "By the way" in Dissonance No 40.

Lecture "Problèmes contemporains pour une définition intensionnelle de la musique" at the Lausanne University, March 2017

visited festivals (+ collaborating ensembles and tutors met)

Donaueschinger Musiktage 2022, Next Generation Program

IMPULS 2021 (Graz), with PPCM Ensemble, Peter Ablinger, Dimitrios Polisoidis and Klaus Lang

International Young Composers Academy 2021 (Lugano), with ICTUS ensemble, Mauro Lanza, Oscar Bianchi and Juste Janulyte

Forum Wallis 2019 (Leuk) with Ums n'Jip, Zafraan Ensemble and Fabian Panisello

Mixtur 2019 (Barcelona) with Aleph Gitarrenquartet and Michael Obst

Ferienkürse für neue Musik Darmstadt 2018 with Marko Ciciliani, Milica Djordjevic, Martin Iddon, Isabel Mundry and Rebecca Saunders.

Ferienkürse für neue Musik Darmstadt 2016 (electronic ateliers) with Sebastian Berweck, Susanne Kirchmayr, Hanno Leichtmann, Philipp Sollman and Mario De Vega

upcoming dates:

New Piece  / Gare du Nord, Basel / Ensemble Proton

New Piece / Dampfzentrale, Bern / Ensemble Proton

past dates:

Timecode studies / Gare du Nord, Basel / Ensemble Lemniscate

Timecode studies / Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich / Ensemble Lemniscate

Timecode studies / PROGR Aula, Bern / Ensemble Lemniscate

Ends as the sound from their own means / Phonos, Barcelona / Delirium Ensemble

Ends as the sound from their own means / Grosse Halle, Bern / Delirium Ensemble

Reading of excerpts of CONTENTS / Theater Basel, Kleine Bühne

Ends as the sound from their own means / Don Bosco, Basel / Delirium Ensemble

Performance with Maxine Yolanda / Rathaus, Zürich (Lange Nacht der Zürcher Museen)
CONTENTSwp (film) / ZHdK-Kino, Zürich

CONTENTSwp (lecture-performance) / ZHdK-Probebühne 1.D05, Zürich.

Ends as the sound from their own meanswp / Don Bosco, Basel / Delirium Ensemble

Edgar Varèse and the Jazzmenwp (large ensemble + sampler version) / ZHdK-Konzertsaal 3, Zürich / Arc-en-Ciel Ensemble, Lars Mlekusch (cond.)

Edgar Varèse and the Jazzmen (quintet + fixed media version) / Wild Gallery, Brussels / ICTUS Ensemble, Tom de Cock (cond.)

Postproductionswp / Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich / Raphaël Belfiore, Killian Perret-Gentil & Benjamin Jaton (performance)
4-082221-TIPwp / Theater im Palais, Graz / PPCM Ensemble

Edgar Varèse and the Jazzmenwp (quintet version) / Onlin / ICTUS Ensemble, Tom de Cock (cond.)

Piano Reduction I, II, IIIwp / ZHdK-Konzertsaal 3, Zürich / Ranko Markovic (piano)


Means with the sound from their own endswp / Musik-Akademie Basel-Grosser Saal, Basel / Delirium Ensemble, Wiktor Kociuban (cond.)
Sub Speciewp / ZHdK-Kaskadenhalle, Zürich

Seven instantiation studieswp / Tonhalle Maag (foyer), Zürich / Jens Bracher (trumpet), Stephen Menotti (trombone)
Study for moved loudspeaker in open spaceswp (moving electronic apparatus + ambisonic sound system) / ZHdK-Konzertsaal 1, Zürich / Raphaël Belfiore (performance)
Metal plates and objectswp (concert-installation for solo performer) / ZHdK-Kunstraum, Zürich / Raphaël Belfiore (performance)
NJwp / CPMDT-Studio D’Agostini, Geneva / Nelson Javet (guitar)

Flexibility Studywp (solo flügelhorn) / Lichtenbergschule (Mensa), Darmstadt / Chloë Abbott (flügelhorn)

Room for roomwp (site-specific sound installation) / Cessouest, Nyon

Gap-induced time stretchingwp (string ensemble) / CPMDT-Studio D’Agostini, Geneva / United Strings of Europe, Franck Fontcouberte (cond.)

17 + 18.02.2017
Sharawadjiwp (8-channel sound installation) / Eeeeh!, Nyon

Musique Casuelle (live solo performance) / Les Wagons, Sierre

wp = world premiere
upcoming:       21 - 24.03.2024, Druckereihalle im Ackermannshof, Basel / Contents: exhibition              21.03.2024, Druckereihalle im Ackermannshof, Basel / Contents: performance evening with Frantz Loriot                –