for solo guitar and electronics

NJ is a piece written especially for my dear friend Nelson Javet. The whole work is composed thanks to processes of encryption of information specific to the musician. The melody of a song that he has composed is used as a cantus firmus and a "soggetto cavato" is modeled after his name.
The piece, composed of long tremolo notes on several strings, is very difficult to play (if not impossible to execute perfectly). It is thus the interpreter in his own physicality that appears during the performance of the work. The sum of the flaws of the execution are, so to speak, unique to him and express him as much as the conceptual components of the composition.
This listening to imperfection is facilitated by the use of slightly delayed guitar amplification placed at a different point in the performance space. The tremolos then merge even more into a single sonic thread while the punctual voluntary or involuntary events are reinforced.

29.05.2019 / CPMDT-Studio D’Agostini, Geneva

Nelson Javet

score (pdf)
audio (bandcamp)

upcoming:       21 - 24.03.2024, Druckereihalle im Ackermannshof, Basel / Contents: exhibition              21.03.2024, Druckereihalle im Ackermannshof, Basel / Contents: performance evening with Frantz Loriot                –